‘Top End Wedding’ reinvents the rom-com in Australia’s beautiful Northern Territory


Sure, Top End Wedding treats you to the stereotypical elements of the style: going home, family drama, vehicle hassle, a proper-at-the-gate airport scene, and one hell of a bridesmaid troupe. But it is not set in Love Actually’s London, You’ve Got Mail’s New York or My Best Friend’s Wedding’s Chicago. It’s set in Australia’s Northern Territory.

'Top End Wedding' reinvents the rom-com in Australia's beautiful Northern Territory 1

Co-written through Larrakia actor Miranda Tapsell and Joshua Tyler and directed with the aid of The Sapphires’ maestro Wayne Blair, Top End Wedding follows assiduous Sydney attorney Lauren (Tapsell), whose engagement to Ned (Gwilym Lee) takes them all of the manner homes to the Territory to peer her mother and father.
The only trouble is that her mother (Ursula Yovich) has long gone AWOL, and there are just ten days till the marriage — it is all the time Lauren is authorized to take off paintings by her intense but supportive boss, Hampton (Kerry Fox).

The movie comes loaded with the pre-wedding ceremony jitters and ‘home once more’ family reunion vibes of Mamma Mia!, Sweet Home Alabama, Runaway Bride, or My Big Fat Greek Wedding. However, it has a uniquely Australian voice as Lauren reconnects with her family roots inside the Top End. “That became this getting to know curve for me to understand what my gauge became because it’s now not Reese Witherspoon’s, it is now not Katherine Heigl’s or Julia Roberts’, I need to locate my personal,” stated Tapsell onstage at the Sydney best.

Tapsell’s high-quality writing (she’s a confessed Nora Ephron fan) and comedic timing reel you in from the very start, with a priceless scene in which she makes a decision a powdery almond croissant is the nice possible preference while carrying a crisp, darkish suit proper earlier than an important assembly. It isn’t. Hijinks aside, Lauren’s route is closer to connecting with her identity and identifying what love, the circle of relatives, and the network mean to her that lies at the film’s center. “I assume it’s also very crucial for humans to embrace the kind of Australia this is extra inclusive, that embraces people’s unique characteristics and differences, and no longer should confirm or suit into a selected manner of life to be taken into consideration an Australian,” Tapsell informed Mashable.

Lee, who examines the script on a cold, darkish day in London in 2017, is flawlessly cast as Lauren’s charmingly awkward fiancé, a global far from his uncannily on-point run as Queen’s Brian May in Bohemian Rhapsody.
“I simply don’t forget the first time studying it, this idea that it is by no means too late to reach out to your family, even in case you assume it’s miles — or even if it would not move that well, simply the act of looking to attain out and send you like to the ones around you is so vital,” Lee informed Mashable.

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