Forget about the usual vegetation and sweets. Why no longer provide a tech gift that lasts and will make Mom’s existence less complicated, more secure and extra enjoyable? Fortunately, we understand simply which excessive-tech items she’ll love.

Simplify Mom’s entertainment experience with the AirTV Player, a 4K device that integrates all of her streaming services and nearby channels multi-functional location. AirTV Player is built on Android TV so that she can get right of entry to heaps of shows, films, video games, and apps thru Google Play, such as all streaming offerings. And when you upload an OTA AirTV Adapter and OTA HDTV antenna, her nearby channels will seem in the channel guide. According to the Consumer Technology Association, 31% of US adults are modern-day antenna customers, and 32% are thinking about purchasing an antenna within the subsequent two years. Why wait?
The AirTV Player is straightforward to apply with its clever Bluetooth far-flung. Simply press the microphone button and Mom can ask to play her favored shows, in addition, to manipulating electricity and quantity on any related TV or sound device that makes use of an infrared far off or is connected via an HDMI CEC port. The remote also has committed Netflix and Sling TV buttons for clean get entry to.
The AirTV Player comes with a $50 SlingTV credit, which offers her loose get entry to 34+ channels like A&E, Food Network, ESPN and AMC for up to three months with the promo that Sling has taking place proper now.
Price: $99.99 for AirTV, $129.Ninety-nine for the AirTV plus OTA AirTV Adapter on AirTV

Moms need to hold tabs on a huge variety of factors. So why no longer make her life easier with a digital tracker? Most trackers use Bluetooth, which has the most variety of approximately two hundred ft out of your phone. Samsung’s SmartThings Tracker fixes that trouble with the aid of the use of LTE cellular instead of Bluetooth, giving it national insurance.
The Tracker itself is a small rectangular it’s water-resistant and small and lights sufficient to connect to a backpack, keyring or pet’s collar without being significant. When she desires to locate the Tracker, she can fireplace up the SmartThings app (for Android and iOS) to peer its current region. She also can installation a geofence to alerts her whilst a Tracker leaves a fixed place, which is ideal for ensuring kids and pets don’t wander away.
And as it’s a SmartThings device, it integrates with each smart home machine in the SmartThings environment. That manner that if she tactics domestic with the Tracker, it could mechanically activate the lights or turn down the thermostat.
Since the Tracker is predicated on AT&T’s mobile community, it requires a cell carrier. The first year is protected with the tool, after which it is $5 in line with the month or $50 in line with year.
Price: $99.99 on Samsung, consists of three hundred and sixty five days of monitoring serviceIf you want to be able to give someone a gift that truly means something, not just something you picked up on the way home or on the way to the party, then what you should do is to find a vintage style item to give them or create something that will make them think of the past. Vintage style gifts are fast becoming popular these days due to their whimsical appeal and the memories that they bring to the people who receive them. Some of these old fashioned gifts may include replicas of old car decors, toys, kitchenware, magnets, books, and even clothes. Companies that specialize in the recreation of these gifts often have lists of them for you to look through and you may easily find that perfect retro inspired gift from such a list.


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