The Best Gifts Above $500 To Give This Holiday Season


It’s the vacation season, and also, you’re the form of a person for whom cash isn’t an item — or you need to see how the opposite half of gifts. Sound such as you? Then take a look at our favorite present options from $500 and above this year, from Dyson’s modern haircare innovation to a natural world safari for charity.

Best Gifts

Instead of using your motorcycle to paintings the handiest to become a sweaty mess, strive VanMoof’s new Electrified X2 motorcycle, which’s powered by a battery within the smart motorcycle’s easy body. Meanwhile, the outdoor boasts luxuries like an LED matrix display and an anti-robbery gadget that shall we customers scare off capacity bike thieves (and even sang the motorbike if they’re dumb sufficient to take it). ($2,598, VanMoof) — Patrick Lucas Austin.

The motorized stability board resembles a skateboard with a tremendous wheel within the center, and shall we riders move as much as 19 miles per hour. Despite its unorthodox design, the Onewheel+ XR is simple to operate, can travel up to 18 miles on an unmarried price, and capabilities customizable user profiles for tackling one-of-a-kind sorts of terrain. ($1,800, Onewheel) — Patrick Lucas Austin The mirrorless revolution is upon us, and the “vintage defend” digital camera makers have eventually arrived with praise-worthy models that could replace bulky old DSLRs. Both of these full-body cameras are extremely good, although I prefer the Canon for its full turn-out screen that makes it a more beneficial video-recording tool. But your choice has to likely come all the way down to this: If you or whoever you’re buying for already has a bunch of Canon lenses, get the EOS R; if they have Nikon tools, get the Z7 — both organizations offer adapters that’ll join that older glass to those new bodies. ($2,299 for Canon EOS R; $3,396 for Nikon Z7, Amazon) — Alex Fitzpatrick

Following up the nicely acquired Dyson Supersonic hairdryer, the corporation first-rate known for its excessive-tech vacuums currently launched the Airwrap, a hair curling-and-waving device. Dyson says the Airwrap uses less warmness than similar products, which in flip helps prevent hair damage. Like the Supersonic earlier than it, it’s getting rave opinions from the haircare crowd and could make a fantastic gift for everybody who loves to fashion their hair each day; however, it doesn’t need to risk burning it. ($550, Dyson) — Alex Fitzpatrick.

Here’s an unusual beast indeed: a virtual Leica digicam with no screen. M10-D customers can handiest see their pix by way of connecting the digicam to an associated smartphone app or uploading them to a computer. It’s meant to copy the revel in shooting film (wherein you don’t virtually know what you’ve been given until you expand your rolls) while also presenting the ease of digital images. It’s an exciting gimmick and one you may admittedly reflect with other virtual cameras with the aid of resisting the temptation to peek at what you’ve shot. But the usage of the M10-D seems like taking pictures of a film Leica, and there’s something intangibly unique about that. If cash isn’t an object, this is an especially high-quality desire for every person who waxes nostalgic for film’s heyday however embraces the benefits of virtual. ($8,000, B&H Photo) — Alex Fitzpatrick

Naked’s scale uses depth-sensing cameras and a rotating design for scanning consumer’s bodies, supplying them with facts like weight; however, additionally diverse different physical measurements inclusive of BMI, statistics they could use to music their health development. ($1, four hundred, Naked Labs) — Patrick Lucas Austin