Fleet Street heist: Thieves steal £500k of jewelry


As The Sun mentioned, burglars smashed via a wall to get into George Attenborough and Son Jewellers in Fleet Street over the weekend. A CCTV camera in bookmakers next door was discovered to have been daubed with white paint. The Met stated the excessive price of gadgets stolen warranted a “thorough and decided research.”
Det Supt Simon Moring stated: “This becomes an audacious burglary, and there are elements which appear to were planned with some precision by using the suspects.”

Fleet Street heist: Thieves steal £500k of jewelry 1

Former Met detective Peter Kirkham said: “Although this is not one of these things wherein most powerful multiple gangs will be capable of pulling it off, it’d be above the average newbie burglar; a few notions have gone into it.
“There’s probably a few kinds of alarm system they’ve needed to deal with, so there was a diploma of difficulty.”

However, Det Supt Moring stated that the break-in turned into “nowhere close to” as state-of-the-art as more “excessive-profile” burglaries handled using the Flying Squad, including the Hatton Garden heist. Only approximately £4.5m of the £ 13 m of stolen assets was recovered after that raid during the Easter weekend in April 2015.