Contraceptive jewelry on playing cards


Washington: Family planning for women would possibly someday be as simple as setting on jewelry, according to scientists who have developed a technique for administering contraceptives through earrings, earrings, or necklaces.
The contraceptive hormones are contained in patches implemented to quantities of the jewelry in contact with the pores and skin, permitting the medicine to be absorbed into the frame, in line with a file posted in the Journal of Controlled Release.

Contraceptive jewelry on playing cards 1

Initial trying out shows the contraceptive jewelry may additionally supply sufficient quantities of the hormone to provide birth control, although no human checking out has been achieved. The -new approach aims to improve user compliance with drug regimens requiring ordinary dosages. Beyond contraceptives, the jewelry-based technique may deliver other drugs via the skin. “The more contraceptive options which can be to be had, the much more likely it’s far that the wishes of person women may be met,” stated Mark Prausnitz at the Georgia Institute of Technology inside the US.

“Because putting on jewelry can also already be part of a lady’s everyday routine, this method may facilitate compliance with the drug regimen. This technique could extra efficaciously empower some girls to prevent unintended pregnancies,” stated Prausnitz. Contraceptive jewelry adapts transdermal patch technology. This is already used to administer pills that save you from movement illness, guide smoking cessation, and manage the signs of menopause. Still, it has never been included in jewelry before.

Family planning is made easy.

Scientists evolved a method for administering contraceptives via jewelry or necklaces. Jewelry permits the drugs to be absorbed into the body. TheThe new technique aims to improve consumer compliance with drug regimens that require standard dosages. Initial checking out indicates the contraceptive jewelry might also supply sufficient quantities of the hormone to offer contraception, even though no human verification has been performed.