IndiGo pilot’s wife killed in Dwarka; cash and jewellery well worth Rs 10 lakh looted


NEW DELHI: A 52-year-old woman was observed murdered inside her flat in a gated housing society in Dwarka’s quarter-7. The female, Meenu Jain, becomes alone in her Air Force and Naval Officers Enclave residence on Thursday night. Her husband, an IndiGo pilot, and a former Indian Air Force wing commander, became away on legit obligation. Cash, overseas forex, jewelry, and cellular phones worth Rs 10 lakh were determined to be lacking from the flat. Meenu’s father, HP Garg (76), a retired professor of IIT Delhi, turned into the various closing individuals to speak to Meenu on Thursday night after listening to her turn ill, presumably after a hypersensitivity to cashews.

IndiGo pilot’s wife killed in Dwarka; cash and jewellery well worth Rs 10 lakh looted 1
“Her voice became wobbly after I spoke at 7.45 pm. I wanted to visit her; however, she asked me not to,” Garg told the police. The next morning, she was found lifeless on the bedroom floor. Though there were no visible wounds, her face had red marks and blood stains on the towel mendacity nearby. Initial scientific checks indicated she might have been en-smothered.

Killers had friendly access, had tea, and closed-door earlier than leaving.

On Friday morning, Garg once more reached up to Meenu to check on her but observed that her phone numbers were unreachable. Worried, he went to her flat with his son Darpan and rang the doorbell in many instances but to no avail. Later, one in all, Meenu’s neighbors helped Darpan input her flat via his balcony. Darpan went inside, broke the glass window, and discovered his sister’s deception on the bedroom’s ground. Meanwhile, the house’s principal door couldn’t be opened from out of doors, despite its key. The family individuals and neighbors broke the flat’s door and took Meenu to a personal clinic wh, where she was declared dead. Her frame was shifted to the mortuary, where an autopsy would take area.

Research of the crime scene found that the killers had friendly access and locked the main door earlier than leaving. The cupboards of the residence were discovered ransacked with coins and jewelry. Two gold bangles and three diamond earrings that Meenu finally saw carrying were also lacking.
Police suspect Meenu changed into smothered with pillows and towels that were determined to lie next to the frame, with a few hair strands additionally found on one among them. Tea has been observed in five China cups. A team of forensic specialists has gathered the samples for a DNA match.

In Video: Indigo pilot’s wife located murdered at her Dwarka flat.

NEW DELHI: About 500 humans had been left homeless as the main fireplace gutted approximately one hundred shanties on the Yamuna flood close to east Delhi’s Lalita Park on Saturday morning. The fireplace branch had pressed in 15 fire tenders to douse the flames. A prima facie probe counseled that the fire broke out because of a quick circuit and gutted the slums since all the huts were made from plywood and plastic. Despite no casualties, locals claimed that two children had been missing because of the incident.

According to neighborhood citizens and police, the hearth commenced around 11 a.m. Officers stated that to begin with, it turned difficult for the fire tenders to reach the spot because the region is located on the Yamuna Khadar, and the fireplace engines needed to force down the Khadar slope to attain the place. Some had been used to spray water jets from the elevated avenue most effectively. The huts were erected on the flood plain, and the best entry to the street was via a walkway underneath the Lalita Park foot overbridge. Fire officers stated that they intended to comprise the blaze inside the slums to prevent it from spreading into every other settlement close by.

The slums had been stacked with dry garbage that still led to the speedy unfold of the blaze. “I had a concept the noise changed into some crackers but then soon noticed a thick smoke going up and raised the alarm,” said Paras Kumar, who drives a vehicle-rickshaw in east Delhi. “Cylinders exploded like bombs for at least 15 minutes, and there was thick black smoke. We did not know where to go,” said Dhanno Devi, who stayed close to a water pump within the cluster.