16 injured by means of spray at shopping mall in Saitama Pref; suspect arrested


Sixteen human beings had been injured after a person used pepper spray on them at a shopping mall in Koshigaya, Saitama Prefecture. Police stated Tuesday, adding that one man has been arrested over the incident. According to police, the incident befell at around 7 p.M. Monday at the Aeon Laketown more mall, Fuji TV pronounced. Two men approached a cafe on the second one ground, and one man sprayed a substance, witnesses said. Sixteen human beings suffered eye and throat ache from what doctors stated was pepper spray. Two were taken to the clinic ― a forty seven-12 months-old lady and her 11-12 months-antique son – however, they have been discharged later Monday night.

16 injured by means of spray at shopping mall in Saitama Pref; suspect arrested 1
At around 10 p.M. Monday, one of the guys, diagnosed as Katsuhiro Seki, turned himself in at a police station. Police quoted him as announcing he became in the cafe with a chum and had a can of pepper spray. When he took it out of his pocket, he sprayed it with the aid of mistake. He insisted there was no rationale to harm all people.
Seki said he and his buddy panicked and fled. Police are currently searching out his friend.

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