DIMAPUR, MARCH 27 (MExN): The Ao Baptist Church Association (ABAM) nowadays stated that “shopping/marketing on Sunday is absolutely against the biblical teachings and consequently all of the believers need to refrain from it.”
This view became resolved for the duration of an government assembly of the ABAM on March 21 and 22 after discussing the issue, informed a press word from the ABAM President and Executive Secretary.
The assembly additionally resolved to “supply guidance to its member Churches to offer sound biblical teachings to all the believers in this subject.” “As ABAM stood against the opening of Sunday market within the beyond years, it re-affirmed its commitment to stand for the same reason,” the statement brought.
“One of the legacies that we were given from our forefathers, which we still exercise in a sophisticated Christian way, is the observance of Sunday,” the ABAM maintained. “After professing the new faith, as we find within the facts, human beings have been even barred from the Church membership simply most effective for now not conforming to the rules of ‘Sabbath Day.’ As a result, in the ones days, they candidly complied and followed the teachings of Sabbath and they could understand the blessing of its adherence in their lives,” it further claimed.


While acknowledging that “it isn’t actually written as a law,” the ABAM said that “Sunday is taken into consideration as excursion by way of most people of the world. It has been located and considered because the day of rest by using each Christians and non-Christians.”
Thus, to take in the future rest in every week is ordinary as a human tradition, it argued.
“In present world, very often we come upon many activities, that are opposite to the true observance of Sunday. Among which, one essential, which desires to be referred to is commencing of stores/markets and mainly the Christians going for searching for distinct reasons. Though the Churches and one of a kind businesses try to provoke upon the tradition of Sunday observance in accordance to the teachings of the Bible, it can’t carry the preferred change, because the human beings are very an awful lot self-centered, selfish and suppose best for self-advantage,” it stated.
The ABAM said that Sunday observance is “vital now not only for the Churches and the believers but for all of the citizens of Nagaland, because, Nagas are a hundred% Christians.”
“If shops are allowed to open within the state, where the humans supply the slogan ‘Nagaland for Christ,’ what might be our witness for Christ to the arena?” it wondered.


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