Elizabeth Olsen Shares Her Favorite Foundation Trick for a Dewy-Looking Glow


We already understand Elizabeth Olsen shines on screen. However, it seems she also has a wealth of splendor expertise. After all, running in the film, you are sure to choose a tip or two while you’regetting primped in a makeup chair. It’s no surprise that makeup brand Bobbi Brown regarded the actress to serve as its today’s ambassador, and it couldn’t be an extra perfect fit. Olsen’s clean, impartial, sophisticated-yet-absolutely-handy makeup pairs nicely with Bobbi Brown’s aesthetic. And talking of handy, Olsen’s beauty tips are also very right down to earth. It would help if you were not a Hollywood starlet to take her advice.

Read on to find Olsen’s guidelines for splendor budgeting, shaving your legs, her favorite smells, and more excellent.

On beauty faculty: My mother and sisters don’t wear makeup, so I learned [about makeup] via paintings. In particular, for someone like me who doesn’t need to appear like I’m sporting a lot of makeup, the essential element is to prep the skin with various moisturizers or serums. Hence, something basis you operate seems dewy.

On warding off bloodshed: When I started shaving my legs, there was a piece of writing in a teenager mag about how to graze your knees. The trick became to preserve your leg straight, so that’s how I did it. I, nonetheless, do.

Elizabeth Olsen Shares Her Favorite Foundation Trick for a Dewy-Looking Glow 1

On evocative scents: I love the odor of onions and garlic. One weekend, I became domestic, and all the flower shops had been closed, so my boyfriend made eggs because he knew I would like that scent.

On spending wisely: I’m quite devoted to Biologique Recherche’s complete pores and skin-care line; I use their merchandise. It’s the most massive splurge. However, I think about it as funding for my career.

On injectables and surgery: I look at actresses who haven’t finished those matters and spot the wealth of characters they get to play. Patricia Arquette receives to play incredible roles because she has the freedom to move her face and be an excellent variety of human beings.

On hair regrets: I’m so annoyed that I didn’t get a loopy cut or color in college because now’s the time for me to be dodo until it’s for a component. I’m keeping my arms crossed for that.