P Mangatram Jewellers preserves the wealthy historical past of hand made Jewellery with the aid of empowering its Karigars


Gold jewelry offering cutting-edge form and conventional factors has been a considerable adornment of a lady for a long time. India isn’t always the largest purchaser of yellow metal but is also a leading exporter of handcrafted jewelry worldwide. And it’s far-right here that India’s artisans or karigars have performed a dominant position in retaining those wealthy conventional crafts. Their skills and expertise in turning difficult designs into handmade jewelry have earned us an enviable global reputation. While those lovely embellishments characterize super moments in human beings’ lives, a dark story lurks behind this glittering metal. India’s oldest art shape of handmade jewelry is in grave danger because it is slowly losing its fingers!

P Mangatram Jewellers preserves the wealthy historical past of hand made Jewellery with the aid of empowering its Karigars 1
As we delve similarly into this change’s nuances, we remember that most artisans observe the conventional ejewmaking jewelry, producing handcrafted jewelry. They are forced to paint in the commonplace work environment where they’re exposed to deadly fumes that pose serious health risks. Moreover, negative wages and long working hours have made their survival vulnerable. These karigars, who have been as soon as celebrated for their royalty in handcrafted masterpieces, have now been forced out of their occupation. While a few professional artisans have left the enterprise, the younger generation chooses to work in other small scale institutions rather than learning the conventional craft. This, in flip, has led to a massive shortage of skilled labor inside the jewelry enterprise.

P Mangatram Jewellers, a leading name within the world of studded jewelry, has taken the initiative to hold the oldest art form of homemade jewelry. The Hyderabad-based jewelry powerhouse renowned for its first-class ornate portions is aware of its obligation towards the state and leaves no stone unturned to keep its wealthy history. The enterprise celebrates artisanship byby partnering with the artisans, empowering them, and showcasing captivating artwork with a lasting social effect. Every handmade design is observed with the signature of the jewelry artist.

Sanjay Gulabani, Director, P. Mangatram Jewellers Pvt. Ltd., Said, “We pay tribute to the wonder of artisanal excellence, the real gemstones of the jewelry industry. Since our inception, we have been nurturing homegrown talent as they understand the core price of jewelry craft. Economic empowerment of these karigars has continually been very expensive to us. We strive to offer exceptional surroundings, financial help, gadgets, and qualitative education to reinforce their creativity. Every piece of our series is a signature of the human touch, an endeavor to maintain the background of handmade jewelry. We owe each bit of our fulfillment to our karigars as they are the souls of our employer.”

Each cigar at P Mangatram Jewellers works at a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility with modern-day gadgets, dedicated workstations, and completely air-conditioned cubicles. The enterprise offers talent development workshops, periodic health checkups, and medical health insurance. The artisans draw a constant salary, incentives, and personnel-associated benefits. To further improve their skills, particularly to fulfill international customers’ needs, they were given good-sized education on brand-new techniques.

As P Mangatram Jewellers scaled up its operation, one of the objectives became to carry extra girl artisans in what was once considered a male-ruled sector. The corporation locates distressed ladies and trains and deploys them within the place of work network. Today, ladies account for 25% of artisans employed and deserve all of the celebrations and empowerment. The education application is spearheaded by professional karigars with long experience running various technical aspects of handcrafted jewelry. The enterprise plans to install a complete branch for female artisans to discover ways to create and design call-for-pushed products to be bought in the neighborhood and worldwide markets.

P Mangatram Jewellers nowadays remains the most preferred studded jewelry manufacturer for pinnacle retailers in India and worldwide markets. Every advent is painstakingly designed with our artisans’ aid and boasts unequaled excellent designs with the minutest interest in every detail. The business enterprise is also credited with the breathtaking innovation of making the arena’s lightest necklace, weighing simply 3.Five grams.
The gemstone-studded jewelry marketplace in India has grown exponentially over time. Despite risky gold costs, the enterprise has seen a non-stop monthly boom. Looking at developing potential in the uncut marketplace and simple gold jewelry, P Mangatram Jewellers recently released new divisions – Meraki and programs. P Mangatram Jewelers mostly exports its treasured and semi-valuable studded jewelry largely to UAE & the USA. The organization is growing at 50% annually and pursues to gain a turnover of 000 crores in the next two years.