Jewellery, cash worth Rs 88 lakh seized from courier workplace


Vijayawada: Three men were arrested in a raid performed at the branch workplace of a courier service transporting gold, silver, and cash through the hawala route. Unaccounted gold, silver, and coins worth Rs 88.3lakh were seized from the One Town workplace of the Marudhar parcel service. Project pressure officials have performed raids headed employing ADCP K V Srinivasa Rao.

Commissioner of Police Ch Dwaraka Tirumala Rao said the Mumbai-based courier provider employs one Sanjay Jain. The Vijayawada department became run via Deval Narayan Singh (forty-four). Cops seized 1.77kg of gold jewelry worth Rs fifty-seven.17lakh, 40kg of silver is worth Rs 16lakh, and Rs 15.12lakh in cash. Narayan Singh and his accomplices Parmar Pradeep Singh (30) and Yoginath Swamy (19), both residents of the town’s One Town location, had been arrested.

Tirupati: The danger of water scarcity appears, drawing close inside the dwelling-house of Lord Venkateswara in Tirumala with the start of summer holidays in numerous places inside the USA. The monsoon’s failure in the last 12 months has rapidly depleted water ranges inside the dams in Tirumala, and the heavy inflow of devotees in one of the maximum-visited Hindu pilgrim centers has caused the Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams (TTDs) to initiate emergency measures.

The TTD trust board has permitted several austerity measures suggested by the engineering wing to preserve water until monsoon arrival this 12 months. Supplying water to cottages, relaxation homes, and PACs at a nominal strain, regulating water delivery to resorts, mutts, and many others for eight hours a day, arranging push-cock faucets to preserve water, wearing out exposure measures to teach journeying devotees at the cautious use of water is a number of the actions already initiated through the TTD.

The hill shrine attracts a mean crowd of around 60,000 devotees on weekdays and nearly one lakh devotees on weekends and festive events. Such a high convergence of devotees in an unmarried area and on a day-by-day basis affects water intake in high stages (15.20 MLD, or millions of liters in keeping with day). To meet the accelerated call for water, the TTD built five dams at Tirumala. These are the Papavinasam, Gogarbham, Akasaganga, Kumaradhara, and Vasundhara dams at the hill shrine’s northern aspect. But collectively, their net capacity is 222—eighty-three million cubic toes (6,306 million liters).

The TTD has an arrangement with the Tirupati Municipal Corporation (TMC) that allows it to draw water from the Kalyani dam close to Tirupati. While the Kalyani dam’s internet garage potential is 876 mcf (24,791 ML), the TTD and the TMC share waters in a 1:2 ratio.

The monsoon’s failure in the last 12 months depleted water ranges in five dams in Tirumala and within the Kalyani dam. To meet its water requirement of 15.20 MLD consistent with the day, the TTD is drawing eight.25 ML water from the Kalyani dam, even as around seven ML are drawn from various barriers in Tirumala. The TMC is drawing 14 MLD glasses of water from the Kalyani dam.

In a report presented via the engineering department before the TTD considered the board on February 19, earlier this 12 months, the alarming situation at the waterfront was brought to the notice of the TTD, which agreed with the board to provoke instantaneous austerity measures. It suggested that water within the Kalyani dam could be completely exhausted within 158 days (July 17) if the TTD and the TMC continued drawing water at the charge of 21 MLD. The engineering department additionally mentioned that water in all five dams in Tirumala might be exhausted by October 21 this year if the TTD persevered to attract seven MLDs of water each day.

TTD addressed a letter to the TMC in February this 12 months, soliciting it to restrict the water withdrawal from the Kalyani dam to meet devotees’ water wishes. However, the civic body is in a gap given the acute drought situation in Tirupati. It is compelled to place pursuits of locals above the ones of the devotees.