Billie Faiers EXCLUSIVE: Mummy Diaries famous person laughs off claims Maldives wedding birthday party caused ‘carnage


Their exceptional Maldives wedding could be proven on Mummy Diaries on Wednesday night. And beforehand of the unique episode, Billie Faiers and her husband Greg Shepherd has spoken out about resort visitors’ accusations their celebration prompted ‘carnage’ at the island, branding the claims ‘ridiculous’. In a one-of-a-kind chat with MailOnline, the real famous person, 29, stated she changed into left ‘frustrated’ vacation-goers tried to ‘tarnish to her unique day’ but refused to allow it get to her. During their nuptials closing month, lodge guests branded the marriage birthday party ‘drunken, noisy, impolite yobs’ who triggered ‘bedlam,’ announcing their vacation of an entire life become ruined by using their ‘intimidating and raucous behavior


.’Telling her side of the tale, Billie said: ‘It wasn’t even a set of guests as a way as we recognize. One visitor especially shouted it across the beach in the future, “this will all be within the press tomorrow.” He was definitely trying to promote memories on us throughout the holiday. ‘It became so ridiculous because our events have been personal, the island became large. We had been simply having fun. It changed into a shame humans were seeking to tarnish the wedding.’ ‘One visitor sold a story pronouncing one of the fine guys fell off the bar and broke his leg; however, honestly, he harms his knee in a football game.’ She introduced: ‘We had a lot of fun. It became more while the holiday ended and we went on our honeymoon that it sunk in.’

And even as Billie stated the aid from her lovers become high-quality, her closest pals and family were left in ‘shock’ through the accusations. She said: ‘Everyone was in shock; we just had to giggle about it in the long run. It turned into so ridiculous and frustrating for me. ‘I thought that is the most fantastic lovely wedding ceremony; we are all having fun, no longer one person become being rude or outrageous to different visitors. ‘They were looking to make out we were all honestly badly behaved, and we weren’t.’ However, the former TOWIE famous person did admit she become left ‘irritated’ and ‘disillusioned’ her step-dad Dave Chatwood changed into kicked off his flight at Gatwick Airport after becoming rowdy when he combined wine and drowsing pills.

She stated: ‘What passed off with Dad turned into a bl**dy nightmare. It became a large deal at the time. I notion everyone become winding me up. ‘It simply annoyed me, my mum, and my sister. We were all definitely irritated. We were disenchanted more than anything. ‘He ought to have been extra responsible, and he shouldn’t haven’t drunk as an awful lot of alcohol and taken the snoozing pills too early.’ Describing what had passed off, Billie defined: ‘He had a few glasses of wine at the airport and had then taken the napping drugs, but they kicked in earlier than he got at the flight, so as he was looking to get at the flight, he became trying to fight it.’

She added: ‘I become in shock, I concept Greg became winding me up, I notion it turned into only a comic story, no certainly no longer. Then my friend advised me, “yeah, it’s true they may be now not letting him fly.” ‘It became a nightmare. We could not accept it as true. It wasn’t humorous. We were in surprise. I concept “for God’s sake, how ought to this occur?”