Style for Saturday: Beer Bike Fashion Tips


Beer Bike is a full-blown cultural phenomenon, and with that comes a range of picks for fashion. But when compelled to put on the same shirt as three hundred of your pals, putting yourself apart with a unique look on Beer Bike morning can appear hard. However, being greater in every way — from dyeing your hair to slicing up your shirt — is acceptable if not advocated in this unique vacation. Here are some fashion trends to comply with:

Dyeing Hair

If you’re susceptible like me, stick to bleaching your recommendations and then running off to the closest barbershop to reduce your possibilities of split ends. Dark hair is quite a curse for Beer Bike, considering that more than one round of bleach is frequently vital to make your hair light and sufficient for dyeing. ‘You’re already lying in the quad, so couple your ~relaxation~ with aluminum foil, bleach, and hair dye. To bleach, put on a shirt you don’t care about approximately and section off your hair using hair ties or clips. Starting at the lowest, practice bleach using a comb or brush. When finished, wrap your suggestions or complete the head of the hair with aluminum foil and sit for around forty minutes, checking every 10 minutes to see the lightness of the hair.

Beer Bike Fashion Tips

Afterward, wash your hair thoroughly before dyeing with coloration — Manic Panic is the flow for dye. Hair upkeep is important at some point in this fragile time: spend money on heavy obligation conditioner to save you cut-up ends, and different hair travesties put up up-Beer Bike. Special instances: If you’re bleaching facial hair, buy unique bleach to avoid bleaching your pores and skin. If you’re blonde, ignore the above textual content and stick your hair into dye, but what you want.

Underrated, under-discussed: accessories can make you stand out of the gang. From the sensible (fanny packs) to the less practical (face glitter), there are 1,000,000 options you want to pick from. Here are some tried-and-true guidelines:

Fanny packs

If your college doesn’t already promote fanny packs, cop one some other place! These awful boys can maintain your cell phone, keys, and dignity as you pass from Martel to Hanszen and among colleges. A usually shamed item, fanny packs make your appearance ~hip~ and ~ take place~ on Beer Bike. Be warned: they’ll not defend your phone from the water balloon fight. Trust me.


Even though it’d rain on Saturday, Sun shades frame your face, provide you with a risk to add more coloring to your shape, and are underrated for Beer Bike morning festivities (and for water balloons to your face). Amazon sells reasonably-priced plastic heart-shaped sunshades in various colors, so choose a couple of your university’s shade (s)!

Temporary tattoos

What better way to display your university pride than to put it on your sleeve? Companies like StickerYou promote customizable transient tattoos — placed on a crest, “Jones Blows Goats,” or another mantra. Alternatively, Inkbox sells semi-everlasting tattoo ink (and you may get that Amazon-day shipping) for extra freehand styles.

Cutting shirts

For those of you unconcerned with maintaining your shirts intact for records, cutting them is probably the manner to go. (I might particularly endorse that you try this earlier than Saturday morning ask Backpage editor Simona what takes place in case you don’t). Styles to try are collared (reducing a v out below the collar of the shirt), tank (cutting the sleeves off after trimming down to the midriff), or crop (slicing off the backside, optionally sewing the raw ends).

Typical clothing

For those who care much less about status and more about surviving, put on sensible shorts — athletic or gentle shorts provide the most mobility. Tennis footwear is a have-to, especially when hiking throughout campus or jumping up and down at the Martel sundeck with masses of other people. Be warned that white isn’t the flow, especially if you’re near someone from Lovett during the water balloon fight.