You Don’t Have to Call Them Fanny Packs, But They’re Here to Stay


Texting while strolling is tough while your palms are sporting a fitness center bag and iced latte. But help has arrived for cutting-edge-­day schleppers: the crossbody, which—thanks to longer straps and ergonomic shapes—is slung diagonally from one shoulder and worn everywhere from chest to again to hip. Flexibility is the bag’s chief attraction, in step with Olie Arnold, the London-based fashion director of online retailer Mr. Porter. “They’re the practical hybrid of a backpack and a briefcase,” he says, “and an opportunity to each.” They don’t have room for numerous stuff—a great excuse for Marie Kondo, you’re each day haul.

You Don’t Have to Call Them Fanny Packs, But They’re Here to Stay 1

One element passport holder, one part detective’s holster, the Dunhill travel bag ($725) is crafted from water-repellent canvas material. Wear it on your chest or hip. Slowly wade into the crossbody category with the Louis Vuitton Avenue sling bag ( $1,810). It’s backpack-lite, with a roomy wallet, interior cubicles, and an adjustable strap. Not for beginners, Tom Ford’s TF Buckley messenger bag ($2,590) is big sufficient in your fundamentals—with lots of oversized zip closures­—yet small enough to keep that print from going complete Palm Beach.

When this calfskin Hermès Citywide bag ($4,875) came down the runway, it slung over the shoulder diagonally and tucked beneath a raincoat, placing the same old for a way to wealth in 2019.

If you have a black belt in fashion—and are fortunate enough to get hold of this in-demand, fluorescent Gucci Matelassé belt bag ($2,980)—it’ll be all the Day-Glo green you’ll want for spring. Rendered in a camo-Hawaiian print, the Valentino messenger bag ($1,375) is actual to the fashion’s hip-slung, square roots, and it’s deep enough for a laptop, fitness center garments, and Robert Caro’s Path to Power.

Yes, best. The Dior mini saddle bag ($2,seven-hundred) seems like a vintage-faculty fanny percent. A hit among the style-ahead, it doesn’t preserve much more than a cellphone, wallet, ChapStick—and other pedestrians’ attention.