Which Derby fashion will end first?


I am a sucker for all things Derby: Derby pie, Derby hats, and certainly, the Kentucky Derby. It’s a form of odd that I actually have a fascination with the Derby because I even have a deep worry and hatred of horses.
Even as a baby, my favored element in The Godfather changed into when the film manufacturer located the useless horse head in his mattress. (Not sure if it’s worse than my mother and father permit me to watch that movie as a child or that I enjoyed severed horse heads.)
But despite the fact that I hate horses, I love the Kentucky Derby. Why? One purpose only: the style. I love the brilliant pastel colorings and the gingham prints. I love hats, loafers, and bow ties. It’s the form of apparel I consider Truman Capote carrying.
Yep, it’s genuine. I am obviously more inquisitive about what’s deemed “men’s fashion.”
I want to make something clear: I was raised by way of excellent human beings who by no means positioned regulations on my apparel. Since I became a little one, I was permitted to wear whatever I desired with none gender expectations.
This leaves me to my dilemma: What do I wear to the Kentucky Derby? Not that I can have enough money to go, thoughts you; but, it’s on my bucket list so I plan on attending earlier than I die.
I’m no longer keen on the Southern belle attire. I hate large hats; I select fedoras. I do now not like heels or sandals; my get dressed shoe of desire is an idler. I’ve seen women wear rompers in lieu of a dress, but I can optimistically say that I can’t preserve my urine in long enough to securely wear a romper in public.
I guess I want to realize how Ellen DeGeneres dresses to the Kentucky Derby to get a few perceptions. I’m not going to be forced to dress in a manner that makes me experience uncomfortable, particularly if I’m pounding bourbons within the hot, Southern solar.
I grew up idolizing the fashion of Katharine Hepburn, Diane Keaton, and Frances McDormand. I suppose these women would opt for a bow tie to a floral fascinator.
I simply desire that in 2019 we can move ahead with even a number of our favorite Southern traditions. I would desire a lady wearing a fitted suit, paired with a button-down, an ascot, and loafers could no longer offend the alternative attendees.
Frankly, if it did, the handiest another outfit I might bear in mind sporting at this point could be a horse gown sans head. Don’t mess with me, Kentucky. Clothes are like bourbon; they may be for anybody.

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