Anand Ahuja’s VegNonVeg making a style declaration inside the developing industry of footwear in India


India is seeing lots of new matters, including sneakerheads’ upward push. Now, what are sneakerheads? People who acquire, trade, and appreciate shoes are developing in quantity in the United States of America. One of them is Sonam Kapoor’s husband, Anand Ahuja, who wore a silver Nike for his wedding reception.Anand Ahuja's VegNonVeg making a style declaration inside the developing industry of footwear in India 1
Plenty of sneaker enthusiasts have large collections of shoes, and Ahuja is certainly one of them who began VegNonVeg, a multi-emblem sneaker save, along with his friend Abhineet Singh.
VegNonVeg curates cream-of-the-crop shoes from Nike, Adidas Originals, Air Jordan, Puma, Vans, Reebok Classics, New Balance, and Fila — all underneath the equal roof. Their collections vary from conventional and background fashions to modern tech-infused opposite numbers, limited variants, and collaboration footwear.
Recently, VegNonVeg released a 2nd save in Delhi, taking India’s overall variety of stores to 3. The emblem started its journey in Delhi with the primary save released in 2016. Completing three years in 2019, VegNonVeg has plans to add some others in Bengaluru through mid-June or July this year.

Talking to Moneycontrol, Ahuja said, “The market has grown in a feel that the entirety is greater informal now. Our workplace is extra informal now. The world has to be more casual, so humans opt for footwear. Secondly, human beings have grown to be more lively. Third is that guys have now started questioning how we appear. So, clothing is one issue, and shoes are the second component.”He also said, “In fact, I and a variety of people I understand spend more on shoes than garments. For ladies, footwear is one greater new element to spend on; however, for guys, sneakers are one issue to distinguish. It is straightforward to wear something loud and declaration-worth on your toes rather than sporting a leopard print t-blouse, but you can put on a leopard print footwear, which will cross nicely with a black t-shirt.”Along with VegNonVeg, Ahuja founded Bhane, an apparel emblem, in 2011.
Ahuja, an entrepreneur who uses coronary heart, finished his undergrads at the University of Pennsylvania and later studied at Wharton School. He also serves as the director of Shahi Exports, certainly one of India’s biggest export houses.
But footwear is his passion and love. He has additionally featured in GQ India’s list of largest sneakerheads on Instagram, alongside actors Shah Rukh Khan and Varun Dhawan.
The sneaker subculture is priming in India, and the proof of this is constrained edition sneakers getting sold out within hours. Something similar changed was by using VegNonVeg after they collaborated with the Italian sports activities logo FILA and launched a restricted version of Masala Mindblower footwear. Almost a hundred pairs of shoes stimulated via the silver masala dabba in Indian kitchens, with the design, colorway, and materials from the splice box.
While businesses like Puma and Adidas are bringing their restricted edition footwear to India, sneaker fans say it is not enough.
And that’s why Ahuja feels it is essential to have brick-and-mortar shops so that people can come and engage. VegNonVeg holds occasions, and new launches occur in the shops.
VegNonVeg has a huge range of footwear, claims Ahuja. “The concept is to take the exceptional shoes from all other manufacturers, instructing the marketplace is ready what the culture is. One of our pleasant promoting shoes is Rs four 999, the footwear we launched with Fila is Rs nine 999, and one footwear we launched currently became Rs 24,999. So, we’ve got a massive variety, and those three shoes are offered out,” he added.
Reportedly, the sports clothing market in India has been valued at 500 crore to Rs five 000 crore in India, and footwear is an integral part of this phase. One cause for this is due to the fact India is turning into more fitness aware.
The four pinnacle sports shoe brands encompass Reebok, Adidas, Nike, and Puma, placing numerous emphasis on shoes. Puma has even launched self-lacing shoes.
With enterprise specialists waiting for the sports shoe zone to grow in India, the destiny of the sneaker enterprise seems brilliant within the United States of America.
However, there are challenges for human beings curious about this enterprise. One of them isn’t getting big sales for top-rate brands; hence, when movie celebrities opt for footwear, it offers the shoe category a push.
Another project is not getting new releases to India because brands nonetheless suppose that the sneaker industry continues to be nascent in the United States of America.
We could uniquely do VegNonVegbecauset; we’ve got different businesses, too. So, for me, Bhane is there. So, when we started, we hired the most effective individual. Bhane had the logistics; we already had a warehouse and knew how to do brand advent. So, we should use the assets we already have. So, the value becomes not anything,” stated Ahuja.