The Struts Are the Glam-Rock Style Gods We Need Right Now


Luke Spiller no longer has one. However, 3 top hats have been made for him with the aid of fanatics. He’s worn two of them on the level. “They’re high-quality,” he tells me, lounging on the sofa in a small lower back room of Philadelphia’s Theater of the Living Arts earlier than taking the stage to a bought-out crowd. (He does not comment on the 1/3, which looks like that is kindness.)
Receiving and comparing personalized headwear is, possibly, not the sort of factor the singer of any vintage rock band might cope with in 2019. But Spiller is the frontman for The Struts. And The Struts are, genuinely, the sort of band that receives hand-bedazzled millinery exceeded their way before playing a gig.

That’s because the Struts are gleefully, refreshingly out-of-synch with the manner most popular tune sounds nowadays. Founded in Derby, England, in 2009, the band has embraced a glam-rock ebullience that practically needs pinnacle hats (together with capes, sequins, fringe, and leopard print, for that count). The modern lineup—Spiller, plus guitarist and co-founder Adam Slack, bassist Jed Elliott, and drummer Gethin Davies—became installed in 2012 and has garnered recognition not best for anthemic singles like “It Could Have Been Me” but also downright extraordinary stay indicates, complete with costumes that’d make Freddie Mercury proud.
“When The Struts got here collectively, that became something that I carried into this task,” says Spiller, “and from the phrase ‘move’ turned into very focused on creating excitement visually and sonically.” He started making his overall performance portions, sewing collectively “this kind of cape things” or customizing thrift-keep reveals like simply one-of-a-kind-enough blazers to cause them to suit and experience extra stage-friendly.

In the band’s advanced days, “I assume that Luke perhaps had a clearer concept than the rest people may have” when it came to developing a culture, says Elliott. Still, all four individuals had been giving it a shot—and all resided in authentical houseshare they’d throw themed events. “It’d be Hippie Night or Mod Night, and it’d be some £10 fucking blazer that we’d pull out that regarded a bit extra fancy than what you’d wear down the shops,” recalls Elliott.
“I don’t forget when Jed and Geth first joined the band, I gave ’em £200 of my very own money because they didn’t have something to wear,” Spiller interjects. “I turned into like, ‘Go! Buy something!'” That’s what I loved about joining the band at the start, though,” says Davies. “It was the vision. It didn’t simply track; it turned into the whole lot. And it became us being a collective.”

It did take a few doing, although. “There was a learning curve, for certain,” says Elliott. “I appearance lower back at photos from six years ago, like ‘What the fuck changed into I wearing on level?’ It became all wrong. But you stay and examine.”And, if you’re lucky, you book a gig with The Rolling Stones, which The Struts did in 2014 with just a 4-music EP called Kiss This underneath their belts. It became a big milestone when the band achieved glam ascendency.

“I didn’t sincerely have whatever custom-made for me at that factor,” Spiller explains. But he changed into eying the paintings of Zandra Rhodes, the English dressmaker who famously dressed Mercury and Queen guitarist Brian May. “It becomes my mother, funny enough, who informed me to get in contact with her,” he says. He reached out via e-mail (“the old-fashioned manner”) and commissioned a glance. The gown—with its shiny blue, winged top—became a success, which became the beginning of a fair bolder fashion for The Struts. “Once you do something like that, it’s difficult to head lower back,” Spiller says.
For the past five years, the band has been running with every other legend of rock ‘n’ roll gown design: Ray Brown, who’s created outfits for everybody from AC/DC’s Bon Scott to Mötley Crüe and the Arctic Monkeys. It changed into that final band that placed him on The Struts’ radar.
“I’m a large Arctic Monkeys fan,” says Davies, who determined to reach out to Brown after getting to know he labored with the band. “I simply idea his stuff changed into honestly precise and funky, so I assume I gave him £100 to make me a sequin waistcoat.” That was a dialogue about the importance of visuals for touring bands and, finally, into an extended-time period partnership. “Since then, all of our costumes are made via him,” says Davies. “It’s delivered to the showy bit.


The Struts Are the Glam-Rock Style Gods We Need Right Now 1

And because the band’s sound has stepped forward—first with the 2014 album Everybody Wants (launched in 2016 in the U.S.), and then with closing fall’s Young & Dangerous—so has its style. “It’s a type of like the tune,” Spiller says. “The first album, you can pay attention plenty of the whole thing in there, simply directly, influence-clever. And now, our 2d album is very Struts. It’s now not like, ‘This one sounds like this, and this one seems like that.’ It’s now not like that; it just seems like The Struts. And I think the appearance is like that as well.”Of path, there’s usually room to develop. Currently, the individuals manage the band’s whole stage cloth wardrobe, with some assistance from Spiller’s girlfriend, model Laura Cartier Millon, and their assistant tour supervisor. It’s no mean feat, mainly if you have a lead whing or three costume modifications over the show. But it’s additionally the fact of the state of affairs.

“I would love to extend what we’re doing and push it and push it and push it. But financially, we genuinely don’t have the cash to do this,” Spiller says. “We should—I don’t want to say play it safe—but we ought to move for matters in the meantime that we recognize paintings. Push it a bit bit, after which thread a few kinds of consistency throughout all four individuals.” (The irony of implying the band’s present-day appearance is “secure” doesn’t seem to sign up, which speaks volumes approximately The Struts’ appetite for pageantry.)
Spiller is looking forward to a moment while that adjustments, probably while Young & Dangerous gets a comply with-up record. Thanks to singles like “Body Talk,” the remix of which features none apart from Kesha, the band’s profile is developing, especially Stateside. And that would imply bigger apparel finances. “I already realize what I want to do on the next album,” Spiller says.