Canadian-made menswear at Canook


For clothing match for a true Canuck, look no also than Cook.
Located at 1669 Barrington St., Cook focuses on men’s fashion that’s not simply Canadian in layout, however also in creation. Max Schaper, proprietor, and consumer at Canook, is this week’s midweek’s mugging recipient. “We desired to create something that’s a one forestall save, and the whole lot is manufactured in Canada—and you could buy something with religion that it’s created at home,” he stated.
The save started with Schaper and his parents’ need to take Canadian culture and apparel to Switzerland. The pass to Switzerland passed off, but the making plans procedure opened Schaper’s eyes to what it method to be a Canadian product.
“We have been typing of upset in all of the corporations we approached to take over to Switzerland because a maximum of them didn’t manufacture inside Canada,” he stated. “They were quite a lot all out of China or Vietnam for his or her production.”

menswear at Canook
At Cook, ensuring a product is made in Canada is Schaper’s range-one precedence when choosing what to carry. Brands available at the shop include Reigning Champ, Wings and Horns, Naked and Famous, and Raised by Wolves. “We do try to get a full collection so that you can get…Essentially everything to want in your dresser,” Schaper said. While the store initially offered each woman and men’s apparel, Schaper stated it has pulled returned to recognition extra solely on menswear. “There’s such a lot of extraordinary ladies’ boutiques in Halifax, and the guys aren’t always as full-size, so we noticed that hole,” he stated.

The save’s exceptional-selling products are normal fundamentals, which include denim jeans or simple hoodies. “Kind of core, staple objects that you can transition for the duration of the season, without throwing them out,” Schaper said. He said one of the nice matters approximately running at the store is the relationships he develops with folks who come in to save. “The connections with clients you are making, the usuals you get coming in, seeing a familiar face, catching up, that form of a thing,” he said.