Skin myths busted: From toothpaste to eye cream, all the stuff you idea you knew


Skin health is hotter than any warm splendor topic proper now, so we’ve got asked IMAGE Beauty Festival speaker – and skin guru – Jennifer Rock, aka The Skin Nerd – to help us bust some of the longstanding skin myths.

Myth no.1: You clearly must use eye cream


While sure, proper skincare is important to retaining your eye region wrinkle-loose for longer; they are now not certainly essential in a perfect skincare routine if you need to pare again on spending. Eye lotions regularly say they were formulated ‘specifically’ for the skinny, touchy skin across the eyes. However, there may be, in reality, no miracle therapy product. Properly-Rounded skin care habitual is a miles better way to awareness.

Skin myths

Myth no.2: Toothpaste works as a fantastic spot cream


“No. No, no, no, no,” says Jennifer Rock. The reason this delusion still does the rounds is due to the fact an antibacterial component called triclosan was once found in each toothpaste going. It is this antibacterial aspect that might have had any impact on breakouts, however even again then, toothpaste blanketed SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate, the drying sulfate this is satisfactory to keep away from in massive doses) and abrasive components designed to shine the surface of your enamel. Overall, the negatives outweighed the positives even as triclosan was in toothpaste.
Myth no.

3: You must rinse your pores and skin with warm water to correctly cleanse


Many top facialists recommend not anything extra than slightly heat water to rinse your purifier or mask, with the French logo Biologique Recherche going up to now to use bloodless water throughout their facials.
Anything warm or even lukewarm can lead to damaged capillaries and general pores, and skin aggravation.

Myth no.4: Pores can open and close


Jennifer Rock says: “At some point on your lifestyles, you have possibly heard that facial steaming after which getting into your blackheads is the path to clean pores and skin as warm temperature ‘opens’ your pores.”
“The truth of the problem is that pores ain’t doorways and they do not ‘open,’ nor do they close. Most things inside our body that open or close are operated through the muscle.”
“Unfortunately, our pores are not as complex as this, being openings that lead to hair follicles and permit us to carry out the method of excretion.”

When using homemade beauty tips, it is important to determine your skin type and whether it is dry, oily, sensitive, normal, or combination before you create any natural skincare products using the natural ingredients suitable for your skin. Whatever your skin type, there is a solution in nature for it, and you may need to make several trial and error efforts before you find the homemade skincare tips that work for you and your skin. You will also need to determine the climate you live in and determine the natural products that will work best to deal with climatic conditions while creating beautiful, natural skin. You will also need to use natural skincare products properly for them to be effective.

One of the most popular homemade beauty tips is to use various organic fruits and vegetables for any part of your skincare routine. These natural beauty tips are effective, which explains their continued popularity. Various essential oils that are derived from plants, as well as herbal oils, are useful in various parts of natural skincare routines, in addition to being very therapeutic and relaxing. It is important to note when deciding to implement a natural skincare routine using homemade beauty tips is not to neglect the various aspects that will allow you to be at your most beautiful and natural best such as a proper diet, exercise, keeping hydrated, etc. This will ensure that your natural beauty routine is complete, and you will reap the benefits.