Is this the maximum dangerous splendor hack but? Blogger uses FIRE and a small wood stick to curl her eyelashes


Korea has produced many splendor hints and tricks between sheet masks, 10-step cleanses, and cushion compacts during the last few years. But the ultra-modern craze might be a step to ways – even for the most devoted of beauty enthusiasts. The fashion sees beauty professionals use an open flame and a small wood to curl their eyelashes. Australian blogger Tina Yong put the trick to the check on her YouTube channel, using a stick and a lighter.

Is this the maximum dangerous splendor hack but? Blogger uses FIRE and a small wood stick to curl her eyelashes 1

‘I was given a makeover once I was in Korea some years ago, and my makeup artist did this without a doubt bizarre technique to twist my lashes,’ Tina stated in the video.’This was my first time seeing something like this, but she got out a barbeque skewer – like a wooden stick – and a lighter. And then she lit the stickup.’
The Splendor blogger stated that following this, the makeup artist blew the stick out earlier than using the post ‘to curve my lashes.’

After studying the trick online, Tina stated she discovered that while there are lots of heated eyelash curlers on the market, Korean ladies desired something quicker that might curl their straight lashes. ‘This beauty trick developed and has been used amongst makeup artists inside the enterprise,’ she stated. You only need your mascara, a wood stick, a lighter, and an eyelash roller to carry out the trick. ‘This will simply come up with the primary curl you may want,’ Tina stated. ‘So you’ll do the primary curl with the roller, after which follow your mascara. ‘That’s while your lashes generally tend to drop back off, and that’s when you may use the stick to carry your lashes returned up to and preserve them all day.’

After she had curled her eyelashes and carried out her mascara, Tina heated the stick with the lighter without letting it seize on fire. She then pressed it in opposition to her lashes and held it, slowly bringing it up via the lashes to create a curl. ‘I truly suppose this is running,’ Tina stated. ‘It lifted my lashes again up.’

Tina stated that although the trick is dangerous, you must make certain the stick isn’t always too warm when you press it into your eyelashes – and you may see the effects. ‘I can see why the Koreans like this trick,’ she said. ‘Not bad in any respect.’ However, the expert does say you should not attempt the trick at home – if you grow to be burning yourself. After waiting for the day to see whether the curl lasted, Tina said she was glad about the consequences. ‘It’s been seven hours because I curled them with a stick, and they’re honestly nonetheless twisted.

‘How right is that?’.

Her video on the subject has more than 168,000 perspectives, with commenters divided into whether they would strive it at home. ‘I began using this trick after I noticed it the first time they used it on you. I had the identical hassle; my lashes dropped rapidly after applying mascara. So I figured why no longer, and it was a recreation changer for me, never going back,’ one character posted. ‘I’m too scared to have something hot enough to twist lashes so near my eyes! You simplest have one pair of eyes, treasure them!’ some other stated.