Suspicious YouTube channel is gaining more subscribers than PewDiePie or T-Series


When you observe the fastest-growing YouTube channels, your thoughts are possibly taken to T-Series and Felix ‘PewDiePie’ Kjellberg’s epic struggle for subscriber supremacy. However, a bizarre track has soared up the maximum subscribed charts in the last 30 days and appears extraordinarily suspicious.

Social media stats-keepers Social Blade preserves the music of some of the different leaderboards for YouTube, consisting of maximum visitors in a 30-day length and top subscribers over one month.
It’s the modern-day chief for most subscribers of the final 30 days that elevates suspicions even though, with what appears to be an Indian fitness and beauty channel flying up the ranks to assert an arguably top spot.

Who is the main one with the most subscribers?

Interestingly, while it’s an Indian channel that tops the charts for the maximum subscribers within the closing 30 days, it isn’t Bollywood juggernaut T-Series leading the rate; however, instead, a channel referred to as DARK SECRETS, which announces to provide out “Beauty, health, and lifestyles secrets” to visitors. The track, created in June 2017, has over 564 million general perspectives and 7.Five million subscribers on April 30.

The complete channel is in Hindi, with titles and movies all created in this language, with several films acting to speak about weight loss, masturbation, and skincare, along with a wide variety of interesting films, which include the one observed underneath, which seems to discuss the “pinnacle five motives why men are on my own.” The channel description states that a channel is a place for things like: “splendor suggestions and care, fitness hints, D.I.Y, love & life issues tips and much greater.”

Several things have forged doubt on the legitimacy of the channel’s growth, with DARK SECRETS accruing all 7. Five million of their contemporary subscribers in the past month, with the track obtaining an eyebrow-raising 7.Three million subscribers in a 24-hour duration again on April 13. This isn’t the primary time the way has seen large subscriber numbers. Social Blade indicates that the way previously sat at six million subs again in October 2018; however, they mysteriously disappeared, leaving the course with none until earlier this month.

The views that their motion pictures have acquired for the reason that return in their subscribers additionally don’t upload up, with most sitting with around a hundred,000 perspectives, other than a couple which has garnered a few million. While it’s impossible to know whether or not these new subscribers are faux, it appears extremely probable that they are because it’s almost impossible to look at a channel that gains 7 million subscribers in 24 hours. YouTube will probably perform a habitual sweep of the site for fake accounts at some point within the destiny, so it’s in all likelihood that a massive quantity of DARK SECRETS subscribers will mysteriously vanish once more if this occurs.

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