Mastani’ attracts droves of jewelry fans


Founded by using Asha Kamal Modi, Art Karat is one every of India’s most celebrated silver jewelry emblem that unmarried handily pioneered and revolutionized the concept of semi-precious dressmaker jewelry in India and overseas. The Mastani collection showcased an impressive range of bridal jewelry with whole ensembles for brides such as Maang Pattis, Jhoomars, Chokers, Satladas, Tagdis, Pajebs, and Bichhias, all of which have been made of silver. The units have been studded with real gemstones and covered with 22k gold. In 1988, Asha Kamal Modi began her business with an imaginative and prescient to create silver jewelry that might be so fashionable and remarkable that it eradicates the irrational obsession of women with gold. She wanted to create jewelry that would be worn and no longer hoarded in lockers, jewelry that can be traveled with, jewelry that reflects one’s personality and no longer compelled onto future generations.

She aimed to create sets that would be so elegant artistically that one would be proud to personal it. It’s been over 30 years, and the imaginative and prescient has subsequently become real. Asha will even exhibit some of her maximum recent artwork, which she merely has completed designing for the upcoming mega south-Indian movie titled Sye Ra Narasimha Reddy, starring Nagarjuna.

Mastani’ attracts droves of jewelry fans 1

The Mastani series could additionally be showcased in Kolkata on March 20 and 21 at Oberoi Grand. She has already conducted indicates in the USA, Canada and will quickly exhibit her UK, Singapore, Dhaka, and Dubai collections.

The essence of ArtKarat is described using artwork, elegance, and affordability. Asha’s vision changed to create jewelry that could be on hand to all, and her designs and charge points replicate that. With more than 18 workmanships and over 1000 designs, the entire collection is priced among Rs — 2000 to Rs.50000.

The jewelry of Art karat has already been utilized in Hindi films Devdas, Bajirao Mastani, Monsoon wedding, Zubeda, and Kamasutra. One of the customers said, “Asha Kamal Modi is an Inspiration. She has controlled to bridge the distance between elegance and affordability. Another traveler, Neha Khurana, stated, “I am smitten with the aid of the jewelry in Mastani collection. The designs are splendid.”