Our 2018 Holiday Gift Guide


Tumi suitcase, $645, Tumi SouthPark, 704-714-8864
Red Wing Foreman chukka boot, $259, Tabor
SMN studio jeans, $240, Taylor Richards and Conger
Bomber jacket, $450, Evolution of Style
Common Projects toiletry bag, $395, Tabor
Raleigh denim, $209, Tabor
Martin Dingman leather-based belt, $85, Taylor Richards & Conger
Oobe logo sweater, $228, Tabor
Classic twill cap, $ forty-five, Tabor
ELEVENTY flannel shirt, $355, Taylor Richards & Conger
Oliver Peoples Clifton shades, $445, Tabor
Dries Van Noten revealed headscarf, $265, Tabor

Our 2018 Holiday Gift Guide 1

(Opposite) We Are the Resistance Star Wars pin, $2.99, Common Market, 980-207-3187
Mignonne Gavigan love pin, $225, Neiman Marcus, 704-442-7900
Black Lives Matter pin, $three, Pura Vida, 704-335-8587
Ruth Bader Ginsburg pin, $12, Girl Tribe, 704-249-9910
Dissent Protects Democracy pin, $three, Pura Vida
The Handmaid’s Tale pin, $10, Main Street Books
League of Unstoppable Women pin, $12, FeministGoodsCo, Etsy
The Future is Female pin, $five.Ninety-five, Paper Skyscraper
Rainbow bar lapel pin, $eight.Ninety-nine, White Rabbit, 704-377-4067
Dance and Marvel denim jacket, $ eighty-two, Girl Tribe
She Will Not Be Silenced T-shirt, $52, Girl Tribe
Laura Mercier Haute red lipstick, $28, Woo Cosmetics, 704-333-0443
Cosmos stone red jasper ring, rings, and necklaces, the version’s very own

(Clockwise from pinnacle): Agate slice with Pavé diamonds, $1,200, B.D. Jeffries, 704-364-4004
Delicate tones necklace, $85, Twine & Twig
Purple amethyst cluster, $ eighty-five, Abode, 704-332-3731
Rock Candy cuff, $28, Boem, 704-817-7009
Crystal votive (plant no longer protected), Modernity Furniture Design, 704-390-0984
Cindy Ensor Spanish coin bracelet, $35, Storey Home, 704-496-9902
Marble slab with a gold area, $35, B.D. Jeffries
Burning bouquet, $10, Covet Atelier
Glass and nature fluorite talisman, $one hundred forty-five, B.D. Jeffries
Japan dish, $18, Pura Vida
Assorted stones (Apophyllite $15-20 depending on length, Blue calcite $three, Indigo Gabbro $11, Black tourmaline uncooked $6), Sanctuary Imports, 980-237-4780

Triangle planter, $ forty-five, Covet Atelier (plants now not blanketed)
21″ Buddha, $one hundred ten, Wildology, 704-443-9000
Sodalite votive, $38, B.D. Jeffries (plant no longer protected)
Safari rectangular stop table, $699, Modernity Furniture Design, 704-390-0984
Diane Cotton moonstone necklace light, $390; Cristina V. Glass trade beads, $245, Sloan
Baobab Elements candle, $125, B.D. Jeffries
Nepal hand-hammered making a song bowl, with striker and pillow, $300, Pura Vida.Sisal rug, $140, Abode
Lavender Turkish location rug, $295, Storey Home, 704-496-9902

Black NYC sweater, $ seventy-nine, Boris and Natasha, 704-375-0079
Joie, get dressed, $548, Neiman Marcus, 704-442-7900
Assorted gold earrings, $12-$32, Boem, 704-817-7009
Christian Louboutin booties, $995, Neiman Marcus
Wendy Wicker stool, $575, B.D. Jeffries

When a child has an IQ significantly above the average, they are considered gifted. However, there is more than one adept level when discussing an extraordinary child. The first milestone is around 130 marks, rising as high as 150. Children often perform as much as one or two grade levels above their peers in this range. They can grasp more complex concepts and ideas than taught and seek greater challenges.

The next level is that of the profoundly gifted – those children with IQs at or above 180. It is hard to quantify children’s intelligence levelren at this tiered display numerically. It manifests not only in the knowledge they retain but also in their ability to solve complex problems, understand the intricate rules of geometry and algebra, or memorize musical compositions instantly at ages as young as four. These gifted children will display their gift in many wondrous situations, starting at a very young age, and are almost always seeking a challenge intellectually.
A Comparison of Gifted and Non-Gifted Children

As reported in Gifted Child Quarterly in July of 2000, Thomas Oakland, an Education Psychology Professor at the University of Florida, tested a sample of 1,554 gifted and non-gifted students between the ages of 8 and 17. He used the Student Styles Questionnaire, an advanced measurement of extraversion, creativity, decision-making style, and a general preference for order.