The many confronted God: GOT Makeup line


GOT fever is inside the air, and best the hardcore fanatics have it painted all over their faces. With Urban Decays bringing returned their GOT-inspired makeup series, let’s test a few GOT-inspired makeups.

Makeup line

For the ones of you below a cloud of putting spray that might not realize what Game Of Thrones or GOT is about, it’s based totally on George R.R. Martin’s excellent-selling ebook collection “A Song of Ice and Fire.” With enormous storytelling, you can sink your disheveled lips and pearly whites into the medieval fable. This is (for lack of a higher phrase) epic. It’s depicting effective families — kings and queens, knights and renegades, liars and honest guys. Basically, the whole international is invested, and massive corporations are cashing in.

Witty items named after the celebs of the show, you should buy the Arya Stark Needle brush or maybe the mother of dragons palette. Browsing the Urban Decay website, you may additionally receive make-up tutorials to appear like your favorite house. Allowing you to step out of your very own residence and say, “I’m feeling like a Dothraki these days!” And to cite the hit show, “Never neglect what you are. The relaxation of the arena will now not. Wear [your pallet] like armor.” As I said, the world is truly invested.

Urban Decay, an American cosmetics brand and a subsidiary of the French cosmetics employer L’Oréal. Teased the collaboration returned in 2017, and the make-up global ate it up. When nothing came of it, many were left saying, “If you think this has a happy ending, you haven’t been paying interest” (sure, another GOT quote). They teamed up with HBO to launch their emblem earlier this year.

According to the supply, this series consists of a UD. Game of Thrones pop-up Eyeshadow Palette. You’ll be armed with Jon Snow’s Longclaw and Arya Stark’s Needle eyeshadow brushes and get a glow with the Mother of Dragons Highlight Palette.

There’s also a cheek and lip tint called Dracarys that looks like a vial of dragon’s blood, Mother of Dragons highlighter palette, made entire with dragon eggs etched into the trio of shimmery powders. With sunshades like Dragon, Viserion (sob sob sob), and Rhaegal. There’s additionally a 3-D pop-up eyeshadow palette with a mini throne. The sunglasses are divided into 4 homes. House Targaryen includes smoldering purples and reds, consisting of a lilac color referred to as Bend the Knee. The references should go on and on.

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