L’Uomo Vogue Stands Up for Europe


EURO PRIDE: With the European elections taking area May 23 to 26, the Italian quarterly men’s fashion magazine L’Uomo Vogue celebrates the old continent with a special issue hitting newsstands these days. The magazine tapped seven European photographers to shoot the seven distinct covers of the problem. As an example, Peter Lindbergh portrayed Vanessa Paradis as a Marianne of Europe. Annemarieke van Drimmelen lensed the Dutch canals as a metaphor for the system maintaining Europe collectively. Andreas Larsson set his shoot on the Interrail trains. Robi Rodriguez chose a casting of actual Spanish humans. And Sølve Sundsbø photographed Swedish actor Joel Kinnaman, who plays Governor Will Conway’s function in “House of Cards.”

L’Uomo Vogue Stands Up for Europe 1
Among the extraordinary covers, there’s a proposal for Kofi Lawson, whose father selected to relocate from Ghana to Denmark while his son changed into an infant. Artist Francesco Vezzoli reworked Guido Reni’s well-known painting “The Rape of Europa.” In Vezzoli’s version, Europa’s tears monitor a portrait of French proper-wing populist Marine Le Pen, among the combat leaders in opposition to the European Union.
“To talk about Europe choosing to spotlight what unites us in place of what divides us — to reveal the faces, the locations, the tales, the desires which make the European mission nevertheless applicable,” stated L’Uomo Vogue editor in leader Emanuele Farneti, explaining the concept behind the version.

“For this special issue, we’ve introduced together artists, photographers, and writers who percentage our view that the founding fathers’ dream of peace and unity is some distance from lifeless — in reality, it’s more relevant than ever, but it wants to be fueled using beauty and emotion. At this sensitive time, we all need to do their component, fashion blanketed.” Summer 2010 men’s suits describe the stylish appearance, making men’s appearance clever and natural and showcasing their body features without displaying a few pores and skin. Good style makes you experience at ease, expresses your persona, and makes you feel more assured. Manufacturers offer an intensive choice of guys’ fits to assist customers’ needs and incorporate their styles.

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