How I Ended Up Shooting an Entire Wedding on the Google Pixel three


I’m 50 years vintage, and I even have lived through at least the foremost photographic revolutions of our time: movie to digital and cameras to mobile telephones. As a delegated “family photographer,” I am all at once a sought-after individual whenever there may be a birthday, a marriage, a festival, or a meeting. I am additionally purported to be “armed” and equipped all of the time, even on vacation!

How I Ended Up Shooting an Entire Wedding on the Google Pixel three 1
My family and I later went to London to wait for my cousin’s wedding ceremony. This becomes an interfaith wedding between a Hindu/Punjabi lady and a Christian guy. The bride and groom had agreed to a mixed set of rituals consisting of a temple ceremony observed through a civil one. A day earlier than the Puja rite, my cousin asked, “I wish you have delivered your digicam alongside. We would really like you to take images at our wedding ceremony.” I live in India, where wedding ceremony pictures are a booming commercial enterprise. A normal wedding characteristic might see two professional photographers, one assistant sporting umbrellas diffusers, a videographer, and a full-time drone operator! And here I was, wherein all people turned into k with the concept of crowd-sourcing photographs from each guest and printing a wedding album!

I am confident all of us not to worry as I patted my trusted Pixel 3 in my pocket. After three days and 5 ceremonies later, I had 427 photos, and a quick appearance advised me that around 25% could be keepers. I become pleasantly amazed, and I concept I would proportion my enjoy with others about what works and what doesn’t, the dos and the don’ts of masking a wedding using just a cell telephone.

1: Position, Position, and Position

You ought to get yourself near the motion! When I say near, I imply proper next to the bride and groom. Do now not try to zoom from a long way; snapshots will pop out shaky. It will help in case you are a near relative of the couple. As I appear to be the bride’s first cousin, I could stand proper after her. I turned into taking photos as I became collaborating in a few of the rituals!

Most cellular cameras can now shoot in burst mode however, gradually down whilst capturing with HDR on or flash. You want to be brief, now not to lose out on any action. No HDR, no flash. Also, you’ll no longer have time to recharge your cellphone! Start your day will take a full battery and shoot all day with ‘battery saver mode on. Always take a look at pictures to test the lighting fixtures conditions. I had the worst lighting you can believe! The bride and groom have been sitting against a sunlit window. I needed to overexpose each shot to get the information. Thankfully, my digital camera has an exposure lock characteristic, which got here is available. Mobile cameras are not acknowledged for instant shutter speeds and excessive ISO overall performance. Most of the pictures I deleted had been unusable due to motion blur. You really need to recognize when to press the shutter. Anticipate the instant when the scene has less motion.

Most of the mobile cameras now can follow AI to blur the background to simulate a bokeh effect. It isn’t 100% accurate in some conditions. However, you constantly have a duplicate of the photo without this effect carried out. It saves you loads of publish processing that you might otherwise do to blur the regular image background.