Beyonce’s Makeup Artist Responds to the Singer’s Controversial 2016 Met Gala Glam


Sir John sounds off on the debatable makeup appearance he cheated on Beyonce for the 2016 Met Gala.
The makeup artist sat down with ET’s Kristen Gill, wherein he responded to the fans on social media who weren’t eager about the pop big name’s smoky eye look. “I had a terrible year wherein I was dragged to hell! But I learned from it, so I don’t think there’s this type of factor as a mistake if you may study from it and on time I preferred it, my client preferred it,” Sir John stated. He defined, for him, makeup and beauty are all about communicating an empowering vibe.

Beyonce's Makeup Artist Responds to the Singer's Controversial 2016 Met Gala Glam 1
“When I observe any individual like Beyonce, and they are acting at Wembley Stadium or Stade de France in Paris in front of ninety,000 people, I realize that this is one of the most important liners I need to do or most crucial smokey eyes that I want to have taken place. So I’m inspired through ordinary ladies.” In addition to Beyonce, the makeup maven has glammed up the well-known faces of Serena Williams, Karlie Kloss, Priyanka Chopra, and Joan Smalls. Many of his high-profile customers are anticipated to attend this year’s Met Gala. Although he wouldn’t spill any secrets, he did monitor the system of the prep.

“So all the girls that I’m running with, they begin to send over sketches of the designers. So the whole lot is like, OK, there’s a subject this year, and I suppose the theme is ‘Camp,'” he defined. “But some humans are setting their twist on it. I cannot say who they may be. And so it is one of those matters we need to ensure they hit the mark. When I say hit the mark, hit the crimson carpet and the ladies I’m working with to get all the life and all the eye of all the press there and take a moment.”

“You want — whoever your makeup artist is, you need to create a second wherein tomorrow each beauty editor is speaking approximately it,” Sir John continued. “So that’s the goal. So each time you see a Met Ball and I’m going to do it, I will best connect myself to folks I know will go and kill it at the carpet.”
Watch ET’s full interview with the seasoned in the video above.

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