A Family in Rajasthan is Making Unique Jewellery


We often have visible jewelry made from gold, silver, diamond, and other treasured stones, but have you heard of adorns product of clay. In Rajasthan’s Barmer village, an own family is grabbing eyeballs with their first-rate art of making jewelry out of clay as they take their family legacy ahead.

The Khan family is making jewelry out of clay for the beyond 4 decades, and the technique and intricacies of creating the best piece of decoration have been handed on from one generation to different. The clay jewelry made by using the own family is now being exported to foreign markets.

“I had been making jewelry from clay for the final twenty years. The demand is deficient in India; however, foreigners truly love this kind of jewelry. We make all varieties of jewelry for ladies. We don’t earn a big profit on this career. I only make articles if a person orders them. Otherwise, I do not make them due to the fact the demand is deficient here,” information agency ANI quoted jewelry maker Zamin Khan saying.

A Family in Rajasthan is Making Unique Jewellery 1

Zamin Khan delivered that he used to promote one piece of jewelry for Rs 20-30, but because of bad demand in markets, he is now compelled to sell them at higher charges. Besides villages in Rajasthan, Zamin said the articles are bought in Mumbai, Udaipur, Rajkot, and Una.

Arab Khan, another member of the family, said he sells clay jewelry to the authorities’ fairs organized. With its demand in an overseas market, their family work is persevering with over time.

“I have been doing this work for the closing 15 years. Our family’s paintings are promoting merchandise to foreign markets. Due to this, the paintings go very well. I additionally promote our jewelry to the gala’s organized through the government. We make emboli, locket, necklace, and bangles of clay which we export outside,” Arbab Khan became quoted using ANI.

Zaim and Arbab are positive that the culture of clay jewelry made by the circle of relatives will remain for many years. They have already commenced training and offering capabilities to their kids.