Victoria Beckham Finds the Perfect Travel Accessory


As a fashion designer, entrepreneur, and mother on the go, Victoria Beckham knows plenty about packing. The celebrity keeps her tour dresser minimum and sublime without sacrificing her love of accessories. Case in point: at these days’ days’ing of the new Jean Nouvel-designed Qatar National Museum in Doha, Beckham arrived sporting key pieces from her Pre-Fall 2019 collection. In a gauzy white blouse and matching polka dot pants, Beckham changed into elegant, playing her outfit outfit with a series of announcement accessories. The gilded gold took hold of a couple of warm red pumps and a mini-flask chain necklace to convey the entire look together.

Perfect Travel Accessory

Beckham is known for maintaining her clothes pared-back and elegant, and metallic accessories add personality to an otherwise easy palette. The touches of gold and neon have been playful and might have been paired with pretty much something. For people who frequently stay out of bring-on bags, BeckhaBeckham’smporary appearance taught me how to make every object you p.C. Count numbers.