How Daniel Martin, Meghan Markle’s Makeup Artist, Spends His Sundays


Daniel Martin frequently travels to work, with clients like Jessica Biel, Elisabeth Moss and the Duchess of Sussex, whose natural glow during the royal wedding remaining yr garnered him loads of attention. “When I’m operating, I’m capable of visit those remarkable locations — I’m in London or Paris or in L.A., on the Four Seasons or the Ritz — my paintings is fancy,” he stated. “So when it’s my time, I attempt to maintain it as real as viable.” Mr. Martin, forty five, lives in a duplex apartment in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, which he stocks together with his husband, Randall Stattler, 47, a domestic automation engineer (he syncs people’s gadgets to carry out excessive-tech tasks of their homes), and their black cat, Weezy, who is missing a fang. “She’s our Goth kitty,” he stated.

POLITICS AND DRAG We typically arise approximately 8. We always have the TV set to MSNBC, so it’s “Meet the Press” on Sundays. Because of the political climate right now, we need to realize what’s up, so we’re continually watching Bill Maher or MSNBC. Or “RuPaul’s Drag Race.” If I’m visiting and I don’t trap it, we’ll DVR and watch it. Politics and drag! I suggest, come on, the high-quality aggregate!
TRUE GROUNDS There’s truely espresso within the morning. I’m from Seattle, so it’s the primary aspect that’s in the veins. It’s Café Bustelo. I’m not a espresso snob: I’m not one of these, like, ‘I’ll best drink Blue Bottle and all that.’ I want robust, darkish coffee. I simply use a everyday Mr. Coffee. I’m no longer into it being so treasured.

PREP I have an workplace upstairs that I’ll take a seat in and do my work. I hold plenty of make-up up there. On Sundays, it’s normally approximately getting my kit together for the week: getting stuff collectively and seeing what I want to top off. I’ll go through any programs that I’ve obtained that week. It is my organizing day.
BASIC BRUNCH Just transferring to this community, we’re still attempting to find our spots. My excellent buddy, Summer Walker, when she’s now not in school, works at this Korean eating place called Dokebi, which is two blocks faraway from us, so we’ll normally meet her there. We’ll have brunch and hold out together with her. I’m actually simple, so I’ll get whatever she recommends: I don’t have a fave.

NICOTINE REPLACEMENT THERAPY Then there’s this fantastic region known as Brooklyn Standard that does these vegan pumpkin whoopie pies, so I’ll get that as a treat to eat that night. And there’s a Polish vicinity that’s right by way of our condominium — Jaslowiczanka Bakery — actually the whole thing’s in Polishand they make those top notch desserts. I have a sweet teeth: I end smoking 10 years ago after which the sweet tooth came on board. It’s crazy.

SELF-CARE Then, if I can coordinate with my pal Joanna Vargas, I’ll go and have a facial. I constantly do the Triple Crown Facial because that’s form of like her signature. Because my activity is to attend to different humans, it’s great to be looked after in that equal way through someone you accept as true with. It’s understanding that you’re secure in a person else’s hands and you’re going to be sorted.
K-BEAUTY FINDS By 3 p.M., I’m make-up buying. I’ll visit Chinatown, to a Korean location known as the Saem, which is a okay-splendor save. It’s a laugh for me to form of determine out what the goods are, due to the fact they’re no longer in English. I usually purchase a variety of liquid eyeliners, and the manner that they mill powders I surely like, as it doesn’t appear like powder on the face, in particular once I shoot tv or film. Their make-up is so excellent — their eyeliners don’t pass. This one precise basis become glowy and radiant — it pics amazingly in editorial.