Everything You Need to Know About BTS Military Service Dates: When Will Your Faves Enlist?


BTS, also known as the Bangtan Boys, is a South Korean boy band that has taken the world by storm with their catchy music, energetic performances, and meaningful lyrics. Comprised of seven members – RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook – BTS has amassed a massive global following known as the ARMY. However, like all South Korean men, the members of BTS must fulfill their mandatory military service.
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What is the Military Service Requirement in South Korea?

In South Korea, military service is mandatory for all non-disabled men between 18 and 28. This requirement is rooted in the country’s history of conflict with North Korea and the ongoing tensions on the Korean Peninsula. The purpose of mandatory military service is to ensure national security and defense.

The length of military service varies depending on the branch of the military. For most men, it is approximately 18 months in the Army or Marine Corps, 20 months in the Navy, and 21 months in the Air Force. However, exceptions and variations are based on education level and special skills.

When Will BTS Members Enlist for Military Service?

There is no official announcement regarding the enlistment dates for each BTS member. However, it is widely speculated that they will begin enlisting in 2022. The oldest member of BTS, Jin, will likely be the first to enlist as he will turn 30 (the maximum age for military service) in December 2022.

The potential impact on BTS activities and schedules is significant. With each member serving at least 18 months, BTS will be on hiatus for a considerable period. This hiatus will undoubtedly affect their ability to release new music, perform concerts, and engage with fans.

How Long Will BTS Members Serve in the Military?

As mentioned earlier, the length of military service varies depending on the military branch. For most men, it is approximately 18 to 21 months. However, exceptions and variations are based on education level and special skills.

In the case of BTS, each member is expected to serve for the minimum required period, meaning they will be away from their music careers for at least 18 months. It is worth noting that other K-pop idols who have completed their military service have also served for similar lengths.

What Happens to BTS During Military Service?

During their military service, BTS members will undergo rigorous training and perform various duties as assigned by the military. They will live in barracks, follow a strict daily schedule, and participate in physical training exercises. This training prepares them for potential combat situations and instills discipline and teamwork.

While serving in the military, BTS members may have opportunities to continue their music careers to some extent. In recent years, the South Korean government has implemented a program called “Public Service Worker,” where individuals with exceptional abilities in arts and sports can serve in alternative roles that align with their talents. This program allows individuals to continue their careers while fulfilling their military obligations.

How Will BTS Military Service Affect Their Careers?

The upcoming military service of BTS members undoubtedly raises concerns about the impact on their popularity and success. BTS has achieved unprecedented global success, breaking numerous records and winning countless awards. Their absence from the music scene for an extended period could lead to a decline in popularity.

However, strategies can be employed to maintain BTS’s relevance during their absence. One such method is to release pre-recorded music and content during their hiatus. This would allow them to continue engaging with their fans and keep their music fresh in the public’s minds. Additionally, individual members could pursue solo projects or collaborations to maintain their presence in the industry.

Will BTS Members Serve Together or Separately?

There is speculation about whether BTS members will serve together or separately. Serving together would mean that they would enlist and complete their military service at the same time. This could potentially minimize the impact on their group dynamic and allow them to resume their activities as a full group sooner.

However, serving separately is also a possibility. This would mean that each member would enlist and complete their military service at different times. While this may prolong the hiatus of BTS as a group, it could provide opportunities for individual members to pursue solo projects and explore various aspects of their careers.

Can BTS Members Delay or Postpone Military Service?

In certain circumstances, military service in South Korea can be delayed or postponed. One such event is if an individual is pursuing higher education. In this case, they can wait for their military service until they have completed their studies.

However, it is important to note that delaying or postponing military service can have consequences. It may result in negative public perception and backlash, as there is a societal expectation for all non-disabled men to fulfill their military obligations. Therefore, it is unlikely that BTS members will choose to delay or postpone their military service unless necessary.

What Happens to BTS Music During Military Service?

Fans are concerned about the impact of BTS’s military service on their music production and releases. With each member serving for at least 18 months, there will be a significant gap in new music from BTS.

However, there are potential strategies for continuing to release music during military service. As mentioned, pre-recorded music and content could be removed periodically to keep fans engaged and excited. Additionally, collaborations with other artists could be pursued to create new music and maintain BTS’s presence in the industry.

How Can Fans Support BTS During Military Service?

During BTS’s military service, fans must continue supporting them. There are several ways fans can show their support:

1. Stay engaged: Keep up with BTS’s activities, releases, and updates. Please show your support by streaming their music, watching their videos, and sharing their content on social media.

2. Support individual projects: If BTS members pursue solo projects or collaborations during military service, show your support by streaming and promoting their work.

3. Stay connected with the ARMY: Engage with other fans and participate in fan events and initiatives. This will help maintain a sense of community and support for BTS during their hiatus.

4. Respect their privacy: While it is important to stay engaged and show support, it is equally important to respect the confidentiality of BTS members during their military service. Please give them the space to fulfill their obligations and focus on their training.
BTS’s upcoming military service is a significant milestone in their careers and lives. While it will undoubtedly impact their activities and schedules, some strategies can be employed to maintain their relevance and success during this time. Fans must continue supporting BTS and stay engaged with their music and activities. With the love and support of the ARMY, BTS will undoubtedly return stronger than ever after completing their military service.