How to Effectively Move On After a Breakup


Breakups are hard to get over with. They often bring complicated emotions that make things even harder for both parties. Grief, confusion, heartbreak, and sometimes anger are typical reactions when ending a relationship. Even though things have finished well and both parties involved made a mutual decision, they will still feel uncomfortable at some point.

After a Breakup

How are you supposed to deal with a breakup? The tips below will help you get through moving on and leading a happier life. Don’t forget, it will hurt now, but you will overcome the heartache sooner or later.

What You Need to Do

Establish Boundaries

It’s easy to avoid crossing paths with an ex. But what’s hard is maintaining a safe distance when you’re in the same room as them, like when you’re attending a party. It may also get harder to avoid them when you live in a small town with many mutual friends. You will find it easier to move on if you set boundaries and any contact while you’re still healing.

Distance Yourself for a While

Even though you decided to stay friends with your ex, taking some time apart would still be better. Avoid texting or calling them like you used to, and try not to hang out with them for a while. Giving yourself some time alone allows you to focus on yourself.

Besides, seeing your ex immediately after the breakup may only prolong your agony. It might even lead to another cycle of roller coaster ride of emotions that’s hard to control. Experts recommend waiting two to three months before talking to your ex again.

Respect Your Ex

Each person deals with breakups in different ways. If you want to stay friends, but your ex isn’t ready to talk, you must acknowledge that. Forcing your ex to stay friends with you will only hurt your chance to be friends again.

Similarly, don’t feel obligated to call or text back if you’re not ready to talk to your ex. This way, avoiding your ex can be difficult, but it would help you heal and recover quickly. It would also help your ex move forward without any toxic arguments.

Maintain a Physical Distance

Keeping some time apart after a breakup isn’t easy, especially if you have old habits that you usually do with them. You need to act like friends to maintain a healthy friendship with your ex. That means:

  • No cuddling or physical contact
  • You can’t spend the night together
  • Avoiding extra special trips
  • Giving emotional and financial support

Taking Care of Yourself

As much as you want to ensure that your ex moves on, your priority should be taking care of yourself. Self-care means that even though your ex wants to talk or spend time with you, you consciously decide to put yourself first.

Go to an all-inclusive getaway, hike with your trusted friends, or spend quality time with your family. There are many things you can do to take care of your well-being. You can also start practicing yoga or something that focuses on improving you.

Don’t Hide Your feelings.

The more you try to conceal your negative emotions, the more they will grow. It’s common to feel frustration, anger, and sadness after a breakup, and you must let these emotions out. Acknowledge your feelings by talking to your best friend or a loved one. Moreover, listening to music, watching movies, and reading books may also be helpful.

Avoid Social Media

Understandably, you’ll want to share how you feel in any form you can. But social media will only make things worse. You need to understand that not everyone in your social media accounts genuinely cares about you. So it would be best to avoid them as much as possible.

Furthermore, social media shows unrealistic relationship goals, which might only worsen your heartbreak. Staying away from social media will ensure you don’t stumble upon old photos with your ex that trigger memories.

Unfollow Your Ex

If it helps, unfollow or unfriend your ex on all your social media pages. Unfollowing your ex might look like a bitter move, but doing so will help you get over them quickly. But if you and your ex broke up on good terms, there’s no need to take such actions.

Moving on after a breakup takes time. Some people may need a few months, while others prefer to take at least a year off from relationships, and that’s fine as long as you focus on self-improvement and making yourself more vital than ever. Remember, regardless of how bad you feel right now, you will get through it.