Useful Accessories for the Remington Tac 14s


OEM add-on accessories for firearms need to know from experience how proprietors of positive guns like to customize their guns with accessories for them. Long recognized for accessorizing to shape private shooters’ needs, the AR-15 is possibly the most flexible gun ever made for adding rail-established accessories.

Useful Accessories for the Remington Tac 14s 1
Sometimes though, there’s a high-quality line among tactical and feature in conjunction with a sensible practicality. Some AR proprietors visit extremes to overload their rifles with such many tech sweets that the rifle turns into a burden to carry and shoot. AR shooters are frequently urged not to forget first the need for a selected accent earlier than simply slapping it on to appear cool.

With the introduction of the fast personal defense, Raptor gripped Remington 870 shotguns tagged the Tac-14 in 12 gauge, and now in 20 gauge, the rush to supply add-on add-ons is incomplete production. I must admit although some of these add-ons are, in reality, beneficial in case you intend to have interaction, this gun is a self-defense shotgun for domestic or car.

These 870s are ready with Magpul forends that have M-Lok slots for adding add-ons that mount thru the slots. An M-Lok accent has a flip key plate that suits the slot and is rotated to lock in the region. In this manner, you can still add many accessories. For the two Tac-14s tooled out for this evaluation, we first added sling attachments. Some may also definitely want to carry those shotguns; however, for many uses, a sling over the shoulder frees up both fingers for other purposes. A sling can also help to steady the purpose if installation right.
GG&G is already nicely down the trail on Tac-14 add-ons. We brought a clip-on sling attachment mount behind the receiver on the 20 gauge and a QD pushbutton attachment changing a trigger pin at the 12 gauge. We added Remington mag caps with a sling loop installed. This setup permits a one or two-factor attachment utilizing desire.

We introduced Talon Grips rubber stick-on grip panels for the Raptor pistol grip and the forend to decorate the dealing with traits. This considerably improves the handgrip on those surfaces. Finally, at the Tac-14/20, we mounted Magpul M-Lok Hand Stop Kits to permit a no-slide grip on the bottom of the pump forend. Two kits were used, one in opposite function permitting two hand stops to keep the hand from sliding alongside the forend because the 870 is pumped. These Tac-14 add-ons beautify the use and manipulate of these brief-length pump shotguns. With better grip potential and sling alternatives, those Tac-14 shotguns are even extra tactical.

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