Top Accessories and Add-Ons for the BBC Micro:Bit Microcontroller


The BBC released the Micro:Bit unmarried-board microcontroller again in 2015 as an education tool for children so that you can get them actively concerned in writing software program and challenge development. While the improvement board is a huge hit with youngsters, it’s equally popular with makers of every age and has been used as the muse in developing a myriad of brilliant projects- from musical gadgets to climate stations.
Like another improvement board, the Micro:Bit can make use of add-ons and accessories to increase its competencies and extend challenge packages. While other forums consisting of the Raspberry Pi and Arduino have a extensive range of plugin modules and components over the Micro:Bit, it nevertheless has a respectable repository of hardware to enhance its software spread. With that in mind, we’ll test a number of the add-ons and add-ons that may be had for the tiny development microcontroller.

Pi Supply’s IoT Micro:Bit LoRa node brings lengthy-variety wireless communication to the Micro:Bit, and comes filled with RAK811 LoRa radio embedded with the overall LoRaWAN Stack, making it easy to attach your mission to the Things Network. The board may be configured to use both the 868MHz or 915MHz frequencies, supports LoRaWAN Connections and LoRaP2P Modes, and capabilities an onboard antenna and u.FL connector for additional outside antennas.