Sophie Turner Has Officially Mastered French-Girl Beauty


Between letting the pass of the individual she’s played for a decade (we’re going to pass over you, Sansa Stark) and reprising her position as X-Men’s Jean Grey in a brand-new solo film of her very own Dark Phoenix, Sophie Turner is having one hell of a yr. With the final episode of Game of Thrones airing on May 19 and Dark Phoenix hitting theaters on June 7, we will have more than complete weeks of Sophie’s withdrawal. However, fortunately, the actress is protecting us with press-excursion beauty that is a number of her pleasant yet.

French-Girl Beauty
Turner’s first stop? Paris — wherein, if you haven’t noticed on Instagram, she’s been pulling off French-lady beauty so nicely you’d think she was born in the City of Lights. Thanks to makeup artist Georgie Eisdell, Turner proves all it simply takes is messy blue eyeliner or a bold, lacquered lip to create a clean-confronted appearance. Who knew losing her Stark pores and skin (and all those red wigs) would be so transformative? Ahead, this week’s excellent beauty looks from Turner’s Dark Phoenix press excursion.

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