Jewellery Could Soon Serve a Different Purpose: Prevent Pregnancies


You could quickly be carrying the one’s cute earrings or that fancy wristwatch for extraordinary motives. Researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology have created “contraceptive jewelry” to make family-making plans much simpler.

Jewellery Could Soon Serve a Different Purpose: Prevent Pregnancies 1
According to the varsity’s news release of the research, which was later posted in the Journal of Controlled Release, scientists connected special patches containing contraceptive hormones to rings, jewelry, watches, and other jewelry objects, hoping that the hormones might be absorbed via the skin and into the bloodstream.
Although Fox News reviews that no human trials were conducted, contraceptive jewelry has been examined on pigs and rats with promising outcomes.

“Initial checking out indicates the contraceptive jewelry can also deliver sufficient quantities of the hormone to provide birth control,” says Georgia Tech’s information release. “A purpose for the brand new method is to enhance person compliance with drug regimens that require normal dosages.” The checking was done by Mohammad Mofidfar, a postdoctoral fellow, Laura O’Farrell, a senior research scientist, and Mark Prausnitz, a professor in the college’s School of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering. “Pharmaceutical jewelry introduces a singular shipping approach which can make taking contraceptives more attractive,” said Mark Prausnitz. “Making it more appealing needs to make it easier to consider to apply it.”

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Men not only try to understand their environment by reshaping it, but they also study individuals’ and communities’ characteristics. This can be seen from spaces systematically arranged for culture until men can defeat the chaos of nature. In a study on the evolution of civilization, this idea appears in the form of belief. Men blend themselves with the traditions they practice, planted in each man until “customs” are formed. Jewelry or mysterious objects thus become a symbol of this combined worship. It is closest to men’s bodies, and best expresses human behaviors.

Even though men always reorganize and improve their customs and traditions, the belief in objects’ power remains. It is reflected that they continue to create superstitious things to worship souls and life. Religious rituals, which are supported by cultural objects and jewelry, limit the belief’s boundary. The idea is preserved through folktales and pictures representing relationships between men, nature, power, and the world. This importance is a condition for men to choose an alternative that best fits the context, for example, materials, forms, colors, and symbols.