Curvy women defy stereotypes with Eiffel Tower style show


PARIS – Dozens of curvy women staged a fashion display near the Eiffel Tower Sunday, braving cold rain in skimpy clothes to defy style diktats with the simple slogan: “My body is beautiful.”

Eiffel Tower style show

Transparent nightgowns, stockings, and undies have been under complete pressure, along with white-winged models lightly mocking US underwear Victoria’s Secret to the pleasure of Parisians and travelers who snapped away with cell telephones and cameras. Plus-size fashions and “everyday girls” took elements inside the 2D version of the “frame fantastic” show, inspired by a movement released in nations of Britain and the United States.
Organizer Georgia Stein told AFP her purpose changed into “to represent the general public of girls, how they’re beautiful notwithstanding their ‘faults’ which might be now not faults due to the fact they may be herbal, like tummies, cellulite or stretch marks.”

The message turned underscored utilizing signs and symptoms in English that read “My body is beautiful” or “Your beauty through your range”. Stein, 32, stated she desired to make a difference for “ladies who do not sense exactly about themselves and fall into despair as a result.” “In France, we lag far in the back of at the difficulty,” she delivered about fashion for large women. “We do not see any variety in advertising campaigns or on catwalks. The market for larger sizes is minimal.” Leslie Laughlin, who wears a French size forty-four-forty six (a US length 10-12, a UK size 14-sixteen), stated she had a problem locating stylish garb in stores.

– Sexy undies –

“Finding something cutting-edge at an excellent rate is almost not possible. We need to fall lower back on matters with little flora, outfits which might be pretty out of date,” she said.
“Finding horny lingerie if you are curvy, with exact support, is complicated. We are doing this so that the style world gets going,” she said.
In February, Paris organized a marketing campaign against fat-shaming at some stage in the modern-day style week. However, the message had a problem being heard. Fashion homes contacted using AFP favored now not to comment publicly.
Karl Lagerfeld, the late clothier, was regarded for speaking his thoughts when he said that “no one wants to see curvy women” on catwalks.
Stein cited fewer plus-sized ladies in France than in Britain or the US.
“In the United States, they’re who they’re; a woman size 50 will wear a short, tight get dressed in a plunging neckline or heels.
“In France, we’re much more likely to hide that of which we’ve got an excessive amount of or now not sufficient.”
– Victoria’s Secret wings –

“Ladies, don’t forget your wings,” Stein called out as she adjusted a crimson puff on the arm of a shiny-lipped model wearing a fuchsia nightgown in a cafe north of Paris beforehand of the display. Stein herself wore a lacy white slip and makeup, but all had been covered with blankets as they headed to a bus that took them to the Trocadero plaza where the show had the Eiffel Tower as background. She stated that after personnel at Victoria’s Secret had been asked why there was no longer more diversity amongst their models — who are now and then called angels — they responded: “Because we promote delusion.” “They have been hit via a massive boycott on social media,” Stein stated. “With the wings, we wanted to send a touch wink, to say we, too, are angels who promote fantasies.”